Gridview rowupdating event not working

NET Web Forms applications using the Entity Framework 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010.

For information about the tutorial series, see the first tutorial in the series control to filter, sort, and group data.

You can edit the instructor name, hire date, and office assignment.

The office assignment is a separate entity set that you access through a navigation property.

And the Roles API includes methods for determining the logged in user's roles.

This tutorial starts with a look at how the Roles framework associates a user's roles with his security context. NET pipeline it is associated with a security context, which includes information identifying the requestor.

Anyone could visit this page, but only authenticated users could view the files' contents and only Tito could delete the files.

Following that, we will look at using declarative and programmatic means for altering the data displayed and the functionality offered by an ASP. Or we could dictate that only users Tito and Bob were allowed, or indicate that all authenticated users except for Sam were permitted.Finally, you want to show all of the enrolled students and their grades for the selected course.To do this, you'll use the control to the collection.Select an instructor that has a course assigned, and then select the course.You have now seen a few ways to work with related data.

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You can link master data to detail data in markup or in code.

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