How to stop firefox updating automatically

This article will help you remove these logs – Disable Firefox logs We have lot more articles on Selenium.You can check it here – Selenium Articles and see if you find something that is of your interest If you enjoyed this article, like us on Facebook.This can be done in two ways as depicted in the below image – There are two versions of Gecko Driver for Windows: 32-bit and 64-bit.Based on whether your Firefox is 32-bit or 64-bit, you need to download the corresponding Gecko Driver exe.

This article uses the latest versions of Selenium, Firefox & Gecko Driver and shows how you can launch Firefox by providing updated code snippets.

This code snippet is given at the end of the article (the entire process of downloading Gecko Driver and setting it up remains the same as given below). It provides lot better support for the latest browser versions.

Check it out here – Setup Latest Selenium Web Driver Let us first start with the very basics – What is Gecko and Gecko Driver?

Once the zip file is downloaded, unzip it to retrieve the driver – This completes the downloading process. There are 2 methods using which you can configure this driver in your project. With this method, you will have to add an additional line of code in your test case. You will need to add Property with the driver location to your code.

Follow the steps given below to use this method – 1. The code to launch Firefox browser would look like this – Important Note 1: In the folder paths in the below code, we have used double backslash (\).

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