Pregnancy dating based on conception

Is it possible to find out conception date by due date?

How can I calculate the conception date using the due date?

The good thing is that your obstetrician gave you a due date.

In fact, by doing this, you may discover that was the actual day you had an intimate dinner with your lover and maybe you have circled the date and because you were ovulating or were five days away from ovulating, conception occurred then or on the following day.

Therefore, whatever figures you obtain add 266 days to it to see if leads you to the due date provided by your healthcare provider.

If it surely does, then you have a definite conception date based on due date.

In the first instance, you were reversing from the due date to obtain the conception date.

In the second circumstance, you are working with your due date and first day of last menses to test if, that date is correct.

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In your first trimester, you should be able to get your due date using an ultrasound.

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