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I hung up the phone and Joe and I went back to sorting our little treasures.

I had an envelope with many loose stamps in it, and handed them over to one of my sons who was then sitting in front of us.

With Khepri and Khnum taking precedence over sunrise andsunset, Ra often was the representation of midday when the sun reached its peak at noon.

This made the sun deity very important, as the sun was seen as the ruler of all that he created.

There was a telephone between us and it rang in my left ear apparently, and I grabbed the phone before Joe could get it, and put the phone to my ear.

A VERY LOUD voice came into my ear and it sounded like my friend RA, but the voice was so loud, I assumed it the GOD RA, and he said very loudly, "Tell Joe not to abuse his sisters." I knew that Joe didn't have any sisters so I knew that RA had to be wrong.

Huge blocks of pink granite lie tumbled upon the ground, and an extensive cat cemetery can still be explored.

We can only hope that the German team who want to reconstruct the ruins will be able to do so, when we shall all be able to appreciate and enjoy an approximation of whatwrote, somewhat mysteriously, that the Egyptian Cat gives birth first to one kitten, then two, until the number seven is reached.

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The sun disk was either seen as the body oreye of Ra.

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  1. Finally, all the paint paraphernalia has been put away off the counter where I'd kind of botched the spackle job and had to sand and redo it, and repaint. The general consensus was that the problem is the belt.