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These types of files are considered new, and they are copied in their entirety from the local cache to the server.

The "Synchronize all offline files before logging off " and "synchronize all offline files when logging on" are no longer available for Windows Vista and Windows 7 : .

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We needed to re-install Trend Micro Security Agent, it was broken following the 1607 update of Windows 10.

What are the settings in Windows 7: There are some settings with which you can play to ensure client are correctly synchronized before they leave the network (shutdown or logoff) : - Configure Background Sync : this policy applies only for Windows 7and Windows Server 2008 R2 (offlinefiles.admx) This is a machine-specific setting which applies to any user who logs onto the specified machine while this policy is in effect.

This policy is in effect when a network folder is determined, as specified by the "Configure slow-link mode" policy, to be in "slow-link" mode.

Then only the difference (block of data that has changed for a file) is synchronized on a regular bases or when logon (background), logoff and Slow Link change.To ensure that all the network folders on the machine are synchronized with the server on a regular basis, you may also set the 'Maximum Allowed Time Without A Sync'.You may also configure Background Sync for network shares that are in user selected "Work Offline" mode.Initially, only those blocks of data read by the client application are cached, producing a “sparse” file in the cache.- Sparsely-cached files are available to the client only when the associated network share is connected (a.k.a. In order to make a sparse file available while offline, it must first be “filled” while online.

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You can override the default sync interval and variance by setting 'Sync Interval' and 'Sync Variance' values.

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